Appeals, Disputes & our Process

We offer every opportunity to customers to dispute a PCN

If you believe that the parking charge notice should not be paid and wish to appeal you may appeal: BY POST or NPM online appeals form - Write to appeals section, 20 Francis Street, Northampton, NN1 2NZ - WE DO NOT TAKE APPEALS  OVER THE TELEPHONE. However, if you have general enquiries or require guidance on lodging a formal appeal this can be done online or FAQ. Our staff have every right to carry out their jobs without being subjected to abusive or offensive language. We operate a zero tolerance policy on abusive behaviour to our staff and reserve the right to terminate the telephone call in such instances. All Calls are  recorded for training purposes. Please ensure to include the PCN number, vehicle registration, your name and address in all communications as per the online form.


On receipt of your appeal NPM will respond with a an outcome if necessary, you will be able to further your appeal with the IAS (link on website and in NPM response) Should you take your appeal to the IAS your account will be placed on hold until adjudication is reached All appeals are considered on their individual circumstances. If your appeal is lodged within the first 14 days from the date of issue of the PCN, National Parking Management will re-offer the 14 days discount period if your appeal is declined.

Complaints procedure.

The appointed complaint handler is P Stevens  - all complaints to be made in writing.

20 Francis Street, Northampton, NN1 2NZ

- All received written complaints will be noted and dealt with.
- All written complaints will be acknowledged.
- An investigation will be undertaken and a written outcome will be sent to the complainant within 14 days from receipt by post.

NPM has chosen ZZPS as its preferred debt recover partner because of its positive approach to debt recovery. We need to know that the activities of our service providers are commensurate with our values of fair play. ZZPS has a strong culture of customer service and adheres to our culture of treating customers fairly.

The DVLA’s vehicle database records details of the registered keeper of a vehicle, although it is acknowledge that the registered keeper may not be the driver of the vehicle at any particular point in time. Vehicle keeper details may be disclosed to law enforcement authorities or private litigants as a first point of contact to establish where liability for an incident or event may lie. Refusal to disclose these details would mean that motorists could drive or park a vehicle without fear of being held responsible for their actions. Disclosure in these circumstances does not breach the Data Protection Act and the Information Commissioner’s Office is fully aware that data held on the DVLA’s records is released in this way.

Appeal Form

If you would like to contest the Parking Charge Notice you can do so by completing this form. Please ensure that you attach any relevant supporting information to assist with your appeal.

* Parking Charge Reference Number:
* Vehicle Registration Number:
* Title:
* Name:
* Address:
* Town:
* County:
* Postcode:
* Telephone:
* Email:
* Please write details of your appeal here:
* Are you the Owner of the vehicle?:
* Are you the Driver/Rider of the vehicle?:
* Please name the Driver of the vehicle when the PCN was issued?:

**If you need to supply any additional information such as photos or documents, please send them to along with your PCN reference number in the email title. This email address is for additional information only, if we do not receive appeal via the appeal form on our website your appeal will not be considered.


Court Cases


Appeals Won


Appeals Lost

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